Integrating for Total Wellness

My name is Lindsay Kennedy. I’m here to help. I want to lead a balanced life and to help others do the same. So many of us are battling stress. More of us are wasting energy, struggling with anxiety, depression, chronic pain and fatigue than ever before. We are experiencing the disconnect between mind, body and spirit that modern life can create. If we are to function as healthy and balanced beings, we must learn to care for ourselves, to be in touch with our physical and spiritual needs, and to pursue total wellness with our whole hearts. Let’s do so together. 

All  inquiries  can  be  directed  to  greysaintcreative@gmail.com

Massage and Reiki


Massage has many benefits, including but not limited to increased circulation, improved immunity, weight loss, decreased muscle tension and pain, better sleep, improved mood and a decrease in depression and anxiety. I am a licensed massage therapist,  insured through AMTA. I received my training at the Academy of Massage Therapy and Bodyworks in Pottstown, PA. I am able to perform Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone or pregnancy massage. I have some experience with reflexology, myofascial release and lymphatic drainage. In addition, I have my Level Three Reiki Master-Teacher degree, and have been practicing energy work since 2012. Reiki is an eastern modality of energy healing - it is a manipulation of the body’s own bioelectric field to realign the chakras, encourage healing, and to treat both physical and emotional illness and injury. Reiki can be practiced in conjunction with massage or on its own, and is beneficial for a variety of health issues. 

I am currently practicing at Lisa’s Ultimate Image Salon, also in Pottstown - I am available at the salon Tuesday through Saturday, from 9 am to 4 pm.

Spiritual Health


I am a holistic life coach and spiritual advisor. I have been studying the holistic and esoteric arts since childhood and hold several certifications. Divination is an excellent way to access one’s own subconscious mind when seeking guidance on complicated issues or life events.  Like  meditation,  it  is  a  practice  that  functions  independently of  any personal  belief  system  or  creed.  I am privileged to perform readings, energy cleanses and more, to help clients tap into this more elevated way of thinking. I also enjoy creating art, as an expressive outlet for myself and to create a window into the universe as I see it. I write,  paint,  and  create custom  handicrafts and  jewelry with crystals that have been charged with positive energy through my Reiki practice. For more information on these services or to view my creative work, please click here.